31 Days of 5 Minute Prompts: Day Twenty-Six — CHANGE



We drove south this past weekend and on the day we left, I woke up feeling heavy and sad. The reason for our trip was the funeral of the daughter of a dear friend, a daughter who died way too young and for all the wrong reasons. Before the health crisis I referenced in an earlier post, I had agreed to organize a supper at their home following the memorial service. Now I was in need of extra help. Change in plans.

As we drove on Friday, I was fascinated by the sky. There were huge, billowy clouds along our 100+ mile route, a sign of fall in southern CA. The temperature, however, has not quite gotten the message as it remains in the high 90s as I write these words. I took the top picture about 40 miles down the road and the one below it, about 30 miles later. There was a definite change in the composition of those big things in the sky! They went from white to light gray to dark gray and finally, at one bend in the road, to an ominous black. Change in the weather.

This particular change, however, did not signify very much. It did, however, make for a fascinating skyline as we drove. Some changes are tiny and end up being quite big. Some seem huge and end up meaning very little. What kind of change is going on in your life right now, friend? And what are you learning about yourself and this world and our God as you walk through it? 

Some changes are wonderful, life-giving, affirming and grand. Some are exactly the opposite of all of that. The only thing that is certain is this . . .change will come. To every single one of us. The only way to be ready for it is to live a life of trust, confident that no matter what, we won’t have to walk through whatever change may come on our own. Thanks be to God.


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  1. Your photos are stunning, Diana! And yes, change is inevitable, but we can trust always in the One who never changes.