31 Days of Looking for the Little: Remembering

As this 31-Day Challenge draws to its close, it seems fitting to go back to where we began: with a picture of my littlest grandgirl’s shoes.
They’re not resting on our warm wooden floors in this shot. Instead, they’re sitting on the concrete deck of the swimming pool at the condo we rented on Maui. You can see some mud stains from all the rain puddles left over from tropical storm/hurricane Ana, which almost truncated our trip before it began. 
I remember when that original photo triggered the idea for this entire series, and when I do, I am grateful for the inspiration, and even more, for the process of writing each of these small pieces. I cannot remember a time when I’ve had more fun blogging than I have this past month.
It’s a really good thing to remember, isn’t it? Scripture admonishes us to do that very thing — over and over again. To recount our story, to tell it to our children and our grandchildren.
And it’s that idea which is behind the Ignatian practice of examen, a daily discipline that has been adapted in all kinds of ways by all kinds of people in the last few centuries.
Because of the particular journey I’ve been on the last few months, my nightly version is short and sweet. As I drift off to sleep, I call to mind every blessing of the day just past, beginning with small things and moving through to the bigger ones — like my husband and my family and my faith. 
It’s just a small thing, this nightly remembering, but it has been the single biggest part of my own recovery, both physically and emotionally. Spending those few minutes being grateful has done more to restore health and sanity than any other single thing I’ve done. 
And it starts with remembering . . .
Just Wondering

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  1. Love that Diana…recalling the blessings of the day as you drift off to sleep. I often struggle with the darker thoughts as I fall asleep. I will take to heart your ‘night remembering.’ Thank you.

  2. Examine = to inspect in detail. What I enjoyed most about your posts this month was the way your attention to detail fostered greater appreciation in my spirit. You’ve demonstrated the value of slowing down, observing, thinking, and appreciating the small yet precious blessings of each day. You’ve paved the way to a more meaningful Thanksgiving season for all of us! Thank you, Diana.

  3. This has been so lovely, Diana. I spend much time thinking about small, perhaps insignificant things so I loved the thoughts you shared this month. These things remind me that I am oh so loved and cherished by the One who does not find me insignificant at all.

  4. I’ve so enjoyed this series, Diana. Thank you for giving the little things such magnanimous attention. It makes all the difference in our lives to sit up and take notice of the small miracles all around us.

  5. I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get here. But God timing is everything. I’m here… right now, for a reason. I love the idea of remembering and I’m doing my own version of that lately. Taking stock, daily of all the good in my life. The little things I so easily forget. I look forward to going back through this series and celebration some of the little with you. Blessings friend.