Top Ten Posts for 2014 — and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

IMG_4635 This is a very small blog, as blogs go; I don’t get a ton of traffic. But I do have readers who are kind, intelligent, compassionate and faithful, so I thought maybe you might like to know which posts over the last year spurred the most interest. I was actually a bit surprised. The series that I did at the beginning of 2014 drew in more readers than I thought and most of those posts landed on this list. There is a homily, a book review and a very personal, family post on this list, too. See what you think:

1. Delving into the Mystery — Introducing Q & A

This was the introductory post for the series I did one year ago, and it’s on the top of this list. Hmmmm. . . maybe the content since then has gone straight downhill?

2. The Turning Point

One of two posts about journeying with my mother through dementia. I have stopped writing publicly about her as I am contemplating a longer format story, possibly for publication at some future point. This was a very tender turning point for us.

3. The Beauty that Remains

An earlier post about mom that landed right behind the one above.

4. Q & A — Week Two: Fear of Abandonment

The second big “Q” in the Q & A series landed ahead of the first one – just barely! This essay works through some of my own personal struggles with learning to trust God.

5. Q & A — Week One: Letting Go of the List

The first long format post in that series is here. And this sort of sets the stage for where we’re headed in the entire discussion — learning to step into grace and release worries about performance.

6. Q & A — Week Four: The Gift of Tears

And the fourth one is right behind it! I talk about the cleansing, rejuvenating power of tears in this essay.

7.  FOUND: A Story of Questions, Grace and Everyday Prayer — A Book Review

A review of a beautiful book by my friend Micha Boyett. If you have not read this book, YOU REALLY SHOULD.

8. Q & A — Week Three: Remembering What Comes First  Coming in at number eight is the third essay in that long-ago series — about keeping love in the top spot. Always.

9. Remembering Her: Kathryn Ruth Byer Trautwein, January 3, 1914 – May 25, 2014 

Remembering and honoring my amazing mother-in-law during the week that she died.

10. Living with the Truth

This reflection was written after the terrible news that began coming out of Iraq began to surface. It included a sermon summary and a word of hope in the midst of so much confusion.

I think one thing I’ve learned from doing this compilation is that L O N G posts are often the most read. And that is a huge surprise to me. I’ll keep plugging away at this over in my corner of the world. And I’ll be grateful to all who stop by, especially those who let me know that they’re here.

MAY THE NEW YEAR BRING HEALTH, FULFILLMENT AND JOY FOR ALL OF YOU. Thanks so much for your faithful partnership in this internet experience.

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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR Diana. I’m so glad to have met you this year. Your blogs are a highlight for me, written with the incite that God gives only to and through you yet so often speaks loudly to me.

  2. Joy to you in this New Year, Diana. Your words here are always a treat to read. 🙂

  3. I use blogger, so I’m not sure how to see my top posts for 2014 – I can see monthly or all-time – but now you have me curious as well. How wonderful, the thought of you writing something longer about your mother. I’m surprised too that longer posts received more views and I think the popularity of the Q and A shows the high value of connecting in all the little ways you can find out here in the wide world.
    Be blessed in your corner of the world, Diana.

  4. I read your long posts because they are so rich. I have read some long posts (Not yours) that seem to just be trying to create a long post– saying the same thing in different ways. You don’t do that. You are insightful and you interact w your readers. I appreciate you so much, Diana. Many times during this pat year and a half your blog was one of the things that got me through another day. It’s good for me to read reflections/honest questions from someone in this stage of life.

    • I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your words here, Carol. Thanks so much for your kindness and your encouragement. I am grateful.

  5. Gwen Acres says

    Thank you Diana for your faithfulness. You listen to God, your life as it unfolds and us, who read what you share. You weave a balance in your faith that I receive encouragement from. I read here and there, wonder and maybe wander a bit, but I always find a sound place with you in ‘ Just wondering’. I am grateful!

  6. A couple of my favorites were the one about your MIL and the one on tears. I’ve had trouble the past few months stringing together coherent comments, but all your words and wisdom feed me in the deep places. Love you big!

    • Honestly, Sandy, I don’t know how you do what you do. Which is a great deal more than stringing together coherent comments! Every word you write is grace. Praying for you as you travel again this week, my friend. Love you big, too.