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The themes over at SheLoves this year have been rich and provocative. This month: fabric. You can begin this meandering piece here and then follow the link over to one of my favorite magazines in order to read the rest:

This life we live is a woven thing.

Textures, colors, strengths, weaknesses, flaws, beauty, warmth, breathability — a wondrous, complex, sturdy fabric of relationships, experiences, emotions, encounters, learning and un-learning.

Weaving in and out of each of our stories are some glorious threads that glisten and shine; and then there are those others, the darker ones that cannot reflect light at all. Sometimes, the tension between the two can feel chaotic, without design or beauty. We can feel buried under the weight of it all as the loom of life pulls and pushes us in ways we might not choose to go.

When those days come, I try to remind myself that the fabric that is me is only one small piece of the much larger work God is creating across time and all around this universe. And that larger piece is a design of such magnificence that not one of us can even imagine its depth and beauty. Those ‘thin places’ we talked about last month sometimes give us a peek, a hint, of what God is up to in the ongoing creation of life. And that old cliché — the one about seeing only the backside of the tapestry God is weaving? Yup, I think it’s true.

There are those days when we catch a glimpse of the front, though. Moments when the glory-light shines in and our lungs feel like they’re breathing heavenly air. In the fabric of my own life, there have consistently been some glittering threads, ones that make me gasp with gratitude and sigh with recognition and relief.

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  1. Diana, I think you’ve been silent too long and I’m concerned. For 3 weeks I’ve been battling results from a nasty fall I took onto my own, familiar, and very hard kitchen floor so time does flip flops for me. But, it seems too long since you’ve posted. I know YOU are in the middle of serious health issues so I’m just checking. Want you to know I’m praying for you…even if you are healthy, I’m sure you can handle being covered in Gods love. Blessings …young friend !!!

    • Thanks for you concern, Liz. I’m doing just fine, better every day. But I’m swamped with packing to move and planning for a major trip in July. So life is a little crazier than usual! I’m so sorry you have fallen, too, Liz. That is not fun AT ALL and I know it takes a while to recover. Everything hurts for a long time. And you feel extra tired, too. Praying for a quick, smooth recovery.